2021 Board Member Elections, Reelections, and Retirements

The QQA Annual Membership Meeting took place at the Mosaic Templar’s Cultural Center on November 3, 2021.

Long-time QQA board member Chuck Cliett chaired the Nominating & Board Development Committee for 2021, and helped us reelect several board members, say goodbye to two board members, and welcome one new board member. 

Board members reelected at the meeting include: David Robinson, Kenya Eddings, Nome Brown, and Joshua Price. Retiring board members include Molly McNulty and Patricia Peacock. Our newest board member is long-time QQA volunteer Callie Williams.  

For the 2021 Greater Little Rock Preservation Awards, the awards committee included Lindsey Boerner, Toni Johnson, Bobby Mathews, Julie Robinson, and Dondi Warren.
The MC for the Greater Little Rock Preservation awards was Scott Whiteley Carter, Public Affairs and Creative Economy Advisor for the City of Little Rock.