Richard C. Butler Award of Merit -- Rehabilitation of the Beverly Apartments, 406 E. 7th Street, Little Rock

The Beverly Apartments, at 406 E. 7th Street, are a contributing resource of the MacArthur Park National Register Listed Historic District. 

John Cunningham and Tara Tinnin, known as Tinnin & Cunningham LLC found the Beverly Apartments in July 2017 and fell in love. It had definitely seen better days.

After deciding to purchase the building they undertook a few emergency repairs while waiting for approval of their historic rehabilitation tax credit application. Once the approval came through, the rehabilitation started. They had employed two different contractors, the first they would never recommend to anyone, ever. The second was Brad Suen Construction. They were wonderful to work with. The rehabilitation work was extensive, as they explained, from the roof replacement to the foundation which also needed repairs. They found contractors who specialized in repairing antique wooden panels, restoring old doors and cracked windows and they even drove all around the state searching for glass doorknobs! The project took almost three years and was completed in April of 2020 and had people moving in shortly thereafter.

The QQA recognizes the team responsible for the rehabilitation of the Beverly Apartments, 406 E. 7th Street, MacArthur Park National Register listed Historic District.  Tinnin & Cunningham LLC: Tara Tinnin and John Cunningham.